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I'm always angry.

mfw people think diego is a better keeper than iker

mfw people still believe iker ~disrespected mourinho~ and ~leaked information~

mfw stupid people speak even though they are completely misinformed 

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We need to assassinate Katy Perry.


We need to assassinate Katy Perry.

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i’m thankful my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises from playing outside, instead of apps and how many damn likes you get on a picture

why do young people now talk like senior citizens please relax kids still play with toys stop bein such a damn baby

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me checkin out that booty


why would u do this? 

are u working for the devil?

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contrary to popular belief, youre not actually a better fan of something if you blatantly refuse to give any form of critical thought towards it

Anonymous said: why don't you like arbelos? (has he done some shifty stuff or you just don't like his playing style... i'm just curious :) )


sorry, anon, but i’ve gotten this question sO MANY times now that if i had a dollar for everytime i got asked this question, i’d probably be able to BRIBE florentino perez to sell the basic twat. 

i’ve def answered this question seriously with a lot of detail before QUITE a few times so I honestly don’t have the energy to give EVERY ASK ABOUT ARBELOA the same amount of attention anymore.
Plus I don’t feel like wasting too much of my time on this cretin, bc my time would be far better spent picking out my bellybutton lint & sculpting it into a mini Champions League trophy or farting to the tune of “Hala Madrid Y Nada Mas.”

I’m also not sure where my ~serious Arbeloa answers~ are on my blog (i don’t tag it with ‘alvaro arbeloa’ bc if his stans want to stay stans & don’t want to see rude shit in his tag, that’s none of my business) or on the vast swampland of tumblr anymore tbh??? but they’ve def circulated around the real madrid blogs if you somehow want to go search for them?


He’s just an annoying bint, afflicted with an absolutely irrational superiority complex, who for SOME GODFORSAKEN REASON has it in his peabrain that he deserves to be captain over Iker or ANY OF OUR OTHER 3 VICE CAPTAINS.
He was also one of the ONLY “allies” of Mourinho towards the end of Mourinho’s stay at RM (after that cunt had alienated EVERY player with his powerplay & irrational behavior & megalomania-ridden antics), and is the official God, Jesus, Beyonce, Pope, Bee’s Knees, Beyonce’s Knees, God’s Knees, Jesus’ Knees of the rabid contingent of “Mourinhistas” in the Madridista fanbase, who go to insane lengths to disrespect Iker Casillas (they were literally planning a rally to burn Iker Casillas jerseys in the Bernabeu lmao). 
The mouth-foaming flea-bitten Mourinhista curs online (who HAVE things like “MOURINHISTA TIL THE END. ARBELOA CAP17AN. DIEGO LOPEZ” on their twitter profiles) also frequently threaten Iker on twitter…which we would be able to dismiss as “some other dimwitted cunt who knows how to use wifi”…IF it weren’t for the fact that Arbeloa actively befriends/associates with several of these Mourinhistas (example: the recent Alfredo Di Stefano incident), AND is close friends with the journos who earn their paychecks by trashing Iker day in and day out (he doesn’t even try to do this on the down-low. he actively engages in friendly humble cap17an interactions w/ them online and hangs out with them in real life as well).

This is just ONE small sip of the putrid over-steeped truth teas about Arbeloa, but I’ve already discussed most of them before and i don’t feel like rehashing the points.

Also - a short note about his playing style since you brought it up:
What the fuck IS there to like about his playing style? He’s an aging “sufficient at best” rightback who’s already completely lost out his position to the more dynamic, loyal, and infinitely more talented youngster Dani Carvajal. 
I’ve been saying Arbeloa is our weakest link & whining for a new rightback FOR SEASONS now (since Sergio went back to being CB basically), so the altars built in the name of Arbeloa seem even MORE ABSURD to me.

But whatever. This ask got wayyy longer than I expected but I hope this at least somewaht answers your questions.
I’m going to begin tagging my fucking arbeloa asks so ppl know how to find them 

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Anonymous said: u just masturbated didn't u? i would recognize that "hehehe" laugh-cum anywhere.






The next supreme


The next supreme





let’s review the ratings *filters the white reviews*


let’s review the ratings *filters the white reviews*

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a true fact about spiders is they can’t run for extended periods of time because they have asthma. all spiders are nerds. even tarantulas. have you ever seen a spider dating a hot babe? i doubt it. spider flashing his cash in the club? nope. spider pulling up beside you at the lights in a lamborghini? never happened. they’ve got so many eyes because they love reading. nerds. all of them.

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